Sunday, January 30, 2005

overtime and the bus
by iggy

Today was saturday, so when my fuckwad boss called me up and tried to get me to work OT, I didn't take it well. of course he calls me early and of course I was up late last night playing warhammer (the miniature version, not the goliaths-have-only-350-hit-points-cause-we-don't-give-a-shit-about-balanced-gameplay computer version) with randy and leo, so at first I wanted to tell him to shove it. then I remembered how i have a reputation to uphold at work after I took home the prize for "most dependable" at last years christmas party. you'd think that a gift like that would just be a blessing, but really they are right when they say every blessing is a curse. (and yes, leo, you win that bet about me going a month without mentioning the prize on my weblog).

So, I'm running out of the house at 8:30 and mom stops me to ask about breakfast. I start in with her about the life of a professional and how we live under pressure and hasn't she seen "Wall Street"? when she tells me to stop yelling and how I shouldn't wear ties on shirts without collars. At this point I have had enough of her criticism (she chose the life of a housewife, don't resent my success) and head to the street. My CRX has been busted for a month now (short on funds to fix, broke her doing stunts in the dirt lot next to the home depot, but it was worth the bitchin footage randy got of it. we're putting together an action film and I can't say a lot about it) so I head straight for the bus stop.

now the number 7 busline is a sketchy line. don't get me wrong, we live in a nice part of town. the 7, though, snakes its way from the ardsley suburbs, past the ardsley school for the differently enabled, shoots through us in tarrytown, and ends up in downtown where I work. so the only way that retards (and I can call them retards cause everyone knows retards cant read weblogs) get from their boarding school to the chuck-e-cheese downtown is the number 7 busline. every day on the 7 is an adventure for me, I'd rather ride the 24 (mostly mexicans), but the 7 is an express and the 24 is a local and I can deal with retards to save 30 minutes both ways.

So today when I get on, its just me and two others. things are looking good, as usually I have to keep my eye on at least six of these creatures. today it's a tall black kid about 16 and a smaller asian girl of about 14. Both are in the back keeping to themselves (and away from each other), but as soon as I get on the bus, the black kid locks eyes with me. I find the nearest seat (middle-ish bench) and sit down and turn on my discman. the big black kid seems really interested in me and my walkman and I get to watch him change seats again and again to get closer and closer to me. somehow, he is self-consciousness enough to move one seat at a time, but not enough to stop staring at me the whole time. So I'm sitting there rocking out to Toto's "Africa," watching him creep on up to me.

He gets up right next to me and sits in the seat directly to my right. First, he stares directly at me (from all of 8 inches away), as I look straight ahead, out the window. He stares for a good minute, before he reaches over and grabs my wrist. At this point I'm freaking out, but I don't say anything (I'm afraid if I yell, he'll lose it and bite me or something). So he picks up my wrist and (all this while staring at me) lays the palm of my hand against his cheek.

so, what else could I do? I reached up with my other hand and pulled the cord to stop at the next bus stop, and just kept staring straight ahead. when I got off, I washed my hand in the puddle in the gutter.

I waited for the next 7 bus. I was late to work.

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