Wednesday, February 09, 2005

free tibet?
by iggy

I ended up back in an Albertson's today, but it's not what you think. This morning, I called up Elliot today to see if I could borrow his dvd of "Ghost in the Shell" cause mine is vhs and it's got all garbled at the part where you can see her boobs. Elliot is in that uncomfortable, more-than-an-acquaintance-but-not-quite-a-friend status so all our phone calls are weird. I just wanted to call and borrow the dvd, but I couldn't just tell him that so I started chatting. I did it for too long though, and he assumed I was calling to hang out and at that point you can't back down.

Elliot tells me he's got big plans for the day and I should get my ass down to his part of town (ardsley) real quick. The crx is still busted, so I hop on the bus to meet him. Taking the bus is best anyway, cause elliot would have bitched about me not taking mass transit and wasting gas. he's one of these activist guys who always show up at the homeless-rights rallies (they chant "sleeping is not a crime", I shit you not).

So anyway, I make it over to elliot's coop house, and he tells me he has a big day of "passive resistance" planned for us. I figure if it will help me get another peek at major's rack, I'm in. I ask to use his crapper, but he tells me to hold it until we get where we're going. so we head out to albertson's, but not the one with loli and jock, the one in ardsley.

So when we get there, elliot tells me to get a hand basket and come with him to the meat freezers. we get there and he starts throwing meat in my basket: beef, chicken, pork. he's looking at the labels a bit, and passing on some. he does the same with his cart. we go down a bit and do the same with eggs. After this we go over to the cookies and crackers aisle, and elliot pushes aside the five varieties of chips ahoy and tells me to put my basket in the back of the shelf. he then covers up my basket with cookies, goes down about eight feet and does the same with his. "it will be days before they find these," he tells me.

Then we go to the back to the door to the stockroom. "ok, go through this door and to the left. there will be a mens' room. go inside and use the farthest stall. take your dump there, but whatever you do, don't flush. then when you are done come out and get me." I'm really turtling at this point, so rush off to do by business. when I get out I tell elliot and he goes in after me.

When elliot comes back out, he's laughing. he tells me to go check out what he's done. I go in and look at the last stall, and elliot has taken a dump in the same toilet and left it unflushed. on the tile above the toilet, he's scrawled "free tibet" in black sharpie.

So after this, we head back to Elliot's place. I am feeling pretty good about having done my part to make the world a better place, but then when we get back to elliot's place he doesn't have "ghost in the shell". He's loaned it to his cousin.

screw tibet.

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Blogger iggy dicho...

screwed up the country, so I had to fix it, hope you'll all understand.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Ajax dicho...

Wow, great stories. Best new blogg of '05.

8:43 AM  
Blogger kiddo dicho...

this is my new favourite blog.

12:37 PM  
Blogger iggy dicho...

I am glad folks are enjoying it. hey, what do people think about Haloscan comments instead of blogger comments? I guess the big difference is you dont need a blogger account to post. any thoughts?

4:33 PM  
Blogger ubrayj02 dicho...

Yeah, bad idea yutz-o!!

12:37 PM  

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