Friday, February 18, 2005

free writing is anything but free
by iggy

I've been writing for class again. At the start of class the prof makes us "warm up" by doing this free writing stuff like we used to do in high school. It's pretty lame and it makes me doubt his credentials as a community college professor (I asked where he got his PhD the other day and he wouldn't tell me, he just kept laughing).

I asked him how we are going to be graded on them and he says there aren't grades, you just get credit for doing it. So I asked him if I could just turn in a page of the letter "X" written over and over and he said I wouldn't get credit for it. So I asked him what gives prof I thought you said anything was fine? and he told me that it still has to be in english and must have sentences, although the grammar and spelling dont matter at all. So I asked him what if my page of Xs were just me misspelling the whole thing of a really well-written reflection on my parents failing marriage and my late dog's struggle with cancer?

So, he got really pissy (not my fault, just trying to understand this thing) and said the rest of the class could turn in whatever they wanted, but mine had to have perfect spelling and be typed.

so now I am going through and retyping all my free writings and making sure they dont have any spelling mistakes. Here's my first one:

So I am here in my seat and I am supposed to be writing about anything. it doesn't matter. the only rule is that my pencil cant stop moving until the three minutes is up or until this page is full of my thoughts. shit I am stuck with nothing to say and i am only writing this sentence here because my pencil stopped for a second at the beginning of it and I thought the professor would see it. you notice how I wrote out the word professor instead of abbreviating it like I normally would? It is because I want to drag it out. shit I just stopped again. you know the strangest thing is happening as I am forcing myself to write right now. my mind isn't coming up with anything at all that is interesting and as I concentrate harder and harder I can only think about this page and I start thinking about the writing rather than anything interesting. it's like when I have to write instead of being able to do it slowly, all that comes out is this meta-commentary bullshit. perhaps if the word-fascist at the front of the room would relax and not make use do it like this I could actually tell a story, instead of all this crap. time's up yesss!!!

come to think of it, this is perfect for a blog entry cause it reminds me of some blogs I've read.

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