Wednesday, February 02, 2005

swinging at the promenade
by iggy

tonight was boys night out. me and the crew (randy, leo) like to roll down to the ardsley promenade on tuesday nights to prowl for ladies. Leo was driving tonight, which randy and I were stoked about cause it meant we could drink irresponsibly at chili's.

the night started pretty standard at borders bookstore. we all went to check the new maxim when leo gets a call from his mom. it turns out the parents are going out and leo's sister, Cleo, needs a babysitter. Cleo is 15, but has been under house arrest since her parents found her weblog online and found out about her abortion and some other things (leo's dad: "I don't know what a whipit is, but you cant ever do it again").

so leo went to go pick his sister up. randy and I weren't going to wait up, so we started to play the field. right off, this pretty chinese girl (probably 19) and I made eye contact from across the room (I was in periodicals, she was in self-help), and the game was afoot. I smoothly went over to science-fiction (next to self-help) and positioned myself so I could look through the shelves at her. when she saw me watching her, she left and went over to business and started nervously leafing through "7 habits of highly effective people". I could tell she was playing hard-to-get, so I went over and positioned myself similarly as before (this put me in the travel aisle). I shouldn't waste your time with all the details of our little cat and mouse game, but it ended with her just standing next to the security guard until her friends came and picked her up and they left.

I wasn't sure how to read the signals at that point, but it didn't matter cause Leo was back with his sister and it was time to go get dinner at chili's. chili's is all the way at the other end of the parking lot, so leo said he'd drive us, which was a good idea cause I got all light-headed last time we walked it. we get a booth at chilis with leo and cleo on one side and me and randy on the other.

randy got his hands dirty in borders rifling through the newspapers looking for the ad for Fry's electronics (turns out some guy got it first and tore it out) and leo has to take a leak, so they head out to the john. as soon as leo's gone, cleo tells me:

"I'll suck you off if you get me booze."

Now it was a shock for Cleo to so boldly show an interest in me. I am a handsome man, and many women are attracted to me, but most play it all coy like the chinese girl in the bookstore. They are not usually so frank about their romantic intentions, but I knew enough to let her know I cared about her too. me:


so when randy and leo come back and the waitress lady comes around, I have her bring me a rum-and-coke from the bar. Cleo follows my lead and gets a coke for herself. when the arrive we do the switch and leo has no idea. the bitch has quite a tolerance, though, and she keeps kicking my legs to get her another and another. She's drank six of them before we get out of there.

On the way home she and I are sitting in the back seat together and she tells me to come by her house later for our little tryst. she says to wait in the car and she'll come out and deliver.

So, I get to her place at midnight and her light is on. I'm waiting in the car for no more than 15 minutes when her parents get home. After a half hour, she still hasn't shown up. I figure she's waiting for her parents to go to sleep, but only ten minutes after their light goes out, hers does too.

anyway, I waited there until 3 and she never showed. she probably couldn't make it out without them knowing. I had the shakes for most of the time, but I don't know if that's cause of the cold or the fact that I'd had six cokes with dinner.

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