Sunday, February 06, 2005

writing sonnets for the F requirement
by iggy

ok folks, I'm sorry I haven't posted since wednesday. the last few days have been really hectic. classes this quarter are killing me. I need to fulfill my F requirements, so am taking this class on creative writing. its sortof a survey class so we are supposed to try out all these different writing styles.

I like the creative writing assignments the best, cause on those I can bang out like three pages an hour. plus I can write about whatever i want, which so far has been mostly robots(actually, the best one so far had nothing to do with robots but it was rejected and I had to redo it. prof said I can write stories that have him in them and stories about alien abductions/anal probes, but not stories that are both). Here's the intro to the one I just turned in:

"The night was cold and long. This did not bother Captain James Robertson because in space it was always cold and it was always night. Robertson was on hour three of his four hour watch duty. Maybe the ship would be taken by the lizard beasts, but he'd be damned if it were going to happen on his watch. Laser blaster set to KILL!"

I'd paste the whole thing here for you all to read, but I am working on getting it published and I think putting it all up on your website complicates that somewhat. I know it is almost criminal of me to leave you with your mouth watering after that opening paragraph, but maybe you'll all go out and buy whatever copy of "Analog" it ends up in.

as much as I like the creative writing, parts of the class really suck balls. Have you ever been forced to write a sonnet? it's a nightmare. there are so many rules that it takes forever. certain lines have to rhyme with certain other lines and the whole thing has to be in ionic pentagram. I swear it took me five hours to write these ten lines:

making every streetlight in my honda,
needle pinned at fifty in a thirty,
racing back to my place to meet wanda,
hoping to get down and to get dirty.

wanda is not like the other ladies.
wanda stands tall at six and a quarter.
wanda only wears boxers for undies.
wanda works at fedex as a sorter.

to start we made it in to my bedroom
she asked why I had posters of bill gates
I told her "dont mind, baby, heres a tune."
and played "lets get it on" by marvin gaye.

I have too few lines to finish the tale
suffice to say I did not get to nail.

we were supposed to write a love sonnet for that project. the prof said that if you weren't currently in a relationship to just pick the last one you were in and write about that. I did that, but when it came back he said that the assignment was a love sonnet not a sex sonnet and that the third quatrain didn't even rhyme. I told him "it took me five hours!" and "what's a quatrain?" but he wouldn't change my grade.

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Blogger isb dicho...

Actually if you speak South Indian accented English the third quartrain really does rhyme. Although I would have to say that I agree with the Prof about the thing sounding like a sex sonnet.

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