Wednesday, March 30, 2005

corndogs and warcraft
by iggy

so today me and randy went to the mall. randy wanted to buy a copy of "world of warcraft". randy already has "world of warcraft" and plays it all the time. normally he uses the second computer on his desk to watch movies while he plays WoW. but lately he's been complaining about how he has seen all his dvds and if he "watches the directors commentary for 'Speed' one more time he'll have to go kill jan de bont". so he needs another copy of "World of Warcraft" to put on his second computer so he can play as two characters at the same time.

some of you may not have heard of "World of Warcraft" (hard to believe, but not everyone reads "maximum pc" i guess) so i will explain it. basically, WoW is a game where that you simultaneously play with thousands of other people out on the internet. most of the action involves killing small animals to "level up" or get more powerful. randy right now can change into a bear and he wont stop talking about how after like more ten levels he'll be able to change into a tiger and how fucking cool that is. the game is addictive. one example: randy hasnt done laundry since he got the thing and it was a christmas gift.

so once at the mall we go straight to the EBX to get a copy of this game. there's only one copy left and randy picks the thing up and we walk over to the playstation aisle to see if anything good has come out. soon after that, some kid (about 14) comes over and makes a scene about the fact that randy has the last copy:

kid: are you gonna buy that?
randy: uh, yes.
kid: its the last copy.
randy: yes. yes it is.
kid: fuck you.

randy tells the kid there's a "babbages" in the mall across town and maybe they have one, but the kid just retreats to the xbox section and sulks. i'm trying to read about the latest "metal gear" game ("an elite soldier must combine stealth with survival to infiltrate the enemy and stop a weapon of mass destruction from triggering the largest full-scale war the world has ever seen") when randy starts to freak out:

randy: hey iggy, you got 50 bucks?
me: ha ha! no.
randy: shit, i forgot my wallet at home. if we go and get it, that prick kid will take this last copy of WoW.
me: well i guess we're fucked. lets go home.
randy: uh... iggy, you got your atm card?

so i got stuck with going and getting fifty bucks while randy stayed with the copy of "world of warcraft". the nearest atm was in the food court, though, and guess who I ran into at the "hot dog on a stick"...

cleo: iggy...
me: cleo! what are you doing here?
cleo: um, eating lunch. cheese on a stick. i'm veg, you know?
me: yeah i'm getting lunch too. holdon, i'm gonna go get a corndog,

so me and cleo end up talking for about an hour over stickfood before i remember randy and how he is trying to fend off those jackals and how i need to get back to EBX real quick. i excused myself with a "i have to go, see you on AIM" and went straight to the atm and then back to EBX. randy was tucked back in the corner of the PC Games section, and that kid from before had two of his friends now and they were watching randy from across the room. randy said "what the fuck? lets get out of here" and we paid for the thing and then jammed. if i had arrived a minute later, would there have been a fight?