Monday, March 07, 2005

leo's in the doghouse and is a poet
by iggy

we're at leo's place and he is in the bathroom right now cause we went to lunch at taco bell and he got the combo with the mexican pizza and the two taco supremes, and then two encheritos cause they're serving those again. he said he knew that "this stuff runs through me like the first cav ran through basra", but he ate it anyway cause we dont have shit for cash and taco bell is real cheap.

leo at the park thinking about vicki

anyway I am posting this from his machine cause I found his poems that I mentioned and I am going to share some with you right now while he's busy peeing out both holes.

you're a dove
and I'm a hawk
I want to feel your dirty love
while you touch my monster cock

it's very romantic stuff. here, how about this one, I am sure vicki is going to take him back after he sends her this one:

never have I seen
hair with quite your sheen
if you stop being such a bitch
back to couple we'll switch

but the best one i've found so far is this one:

like megatron you changed
from girl to girl deranged
I want the old girl back
she rocked me in the sack

ok, I just heard a flush, here he comes, later folks...