Monday, March 28, 2005

los angeles, i'm yours
by iggy

ok, so i know i haven't blogged since friday and that one was shitty. i was stuck working on those poems, so all i had to offer was cleos crappy haikus. i was on such a roll for awhile.

anyway after i finished that poetry stuff, I went down to LA (after a nap) because \ brad had these tickets to go see "stars". so i havent been blogging cause i've been out of town. i'd rather not see these crappy bands, but its what brad likes, so what can i do?

so on friday me and brad show up at the "trubadour" and parking is HELL. we find a lot and buy a used ticket off some homeless guy with a limp. i offered to give him money if he'd just ignore us, but he didn't like that. said that he was just trying to earn a living. we bought the ticket from him and everything worked out okay, so maybe he was right.

brad being bored by "apostle of hustle"

so we get in there and the opening band for the opening band is on. they ("fist") were decent, but the next band totally sucked. they were called "apostle of hustle" and their songs were way hippie. they even had some chick dancing off to the side with those spanish-finger-click things (costanets?). i honestly think i smelled patchouli during their set. it sucked so bad i paid $4 for a corndog that was frozen inside and ate it in the back and didnt regret a thing.

then the main band comes on, "stars". they did a good job, but there was this part in the middle where the lady-singer was trying to get the crowd to chant "when your heart is broken" but her mic was way low so no one could hear what she was saying, so she just flailed for awhile and then gave up. i was pissed cause they didnt play my favorite song of theirs "we are all made of stars".

"stars" never played my favorite song

when we we got out of the show i had chewing gum stuck to my untied shoes. we called elliot and met him and his lady friend at this really fancy noodle place. it turns out president clinton used to dine at this place. its name was "pho 2000" but it was built in 2003. i dont get it either. i cleaned my laces there.

after a bit of pho, somebody came up with the great idea to go shoot some guns. so we drove over to the la gun club in east LA. it was closed and we were sad. so we just drove around LA and took photos.

why the fuck does caltrans need such a nice building?

us driving. dont strain your eyes, the clock says 2:21, you stalker.

elliots got new glasses!

disney concert hall is too big to photograph

we stopped illegally in front of the new music hall to take pictures. the security guards came out and harassed us. elliot got out of the car and told them that "they would be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes", whatever the fuck that means. they didnt like that and started using their radios so we left.