Tuesday, March 08, 2005

problem resolved
by iggy

I just got back from leo's place and we've settled this thing. I tried real bad to convince his sister to help let me in to do a covert mission to kill the cookies on his browser but she wouldn't do it. so, i just went over and talked to him. we reached a deal, anyway.

Leo says that since I shit talked him a lot on this weblog, its only fair that he got to do it to me. which is true I guess. so he says that if I delete his two posts, he will tell my dad the real reason I lost my job instead of that story about me getting into a fight with one of the developers. (the real reason has been mentioned on this blog and I don't want to talk about it) so the deal is he'd let me undo the cookies if i let these thigs stay here.

BUT, he never said they had to be on the main page! so I will be turboblogging this week in an effort to push that assholes posts into the archives!