Wednesday, March 16, 2005

santa and monsanto
by iggy

today I went downtown. I owed elliot for yesterday when he got rid of leo for me so when he invited me to the "NO GMOS/NO VACCINATIONS" meetup I had to say yes. I didnt know why anyone had a problem with vaccinations, and even after that whole evening I still dont know what a GMO is (a lot about 'Monsanto'....?), but that didnt mean I couldnt go with elliot. so i took the bus downtown and met elliot at his loft.

elliot's not exactly using all the space in his loft.

the meetup was going to be at this coffee shop called "cafaux" that doesnt sell coffee (teeccino, or something) and elliot wanted to take us on his new "chopper". i told him the handlebars looked painful so lets walk instead. so we did.

once we got to the meetup there were probably about 15 other hippies there for the meetup and another 8 or so creeped out customers. everyone had broken into these little circles of three and four people, and were talking shit about vaccines. Elliot and me joined the group that had the pretty girl in it (really not that pretty).

pretty girl: "so my sister was going to her ashram a few months ago and it was the fist time her daughter 'Epiphany' was old enough to join her, so they took her to Kaiser to get vaccinated, cause thats what society says is right. she was fine for a few days, but when they get to india, epiphany had come down with a serious fever. fortunately, they'd had enough of western medicine and went the ayurvedic route and the child recovered in a few weeks, but not all parents will be as aware. we need to stop this madness. "

elliot: "fuck yeah. I went to turkey last year with no vaccinations and i was fine."

me: "yeah, I went to italy a few years ago with my parents and didnt get vaccinated. I got this weird rash after swimming in in the ocean in naples, but I think that had to do with the heavy rain and the sewage more than anything else."

the evening was pretty uneventful. at one point this guy tried to get everyone into one big group and talk about some stuff but he was shouted down. Elliot got the pretty girls phone number and they're supposed to go to some rally together or something. not too exciting.

on the way home, though, we ran into this guy:

should we help him?

after i took this photo, elliot says we should help the guy. i figured he was some sort of pederast or something (he's santa and this is march after all) but elliot said we should at least check on him.

so we woke him. it took awhile, but we got him talking to us and it looked like he wasn't going to die of alcohol poisoning or anything. we asked him where home was, cause we were going to try to get a cab for him, but he just laughed and went to crash again on this bench. so i said fuck it, lets go home.

I was going to leave, but elliot thinks the whole thing is funny wants to take all these photos of the guy, so I loaned him my camera.

the pederast doesnt like to be photographed.

anyway, the asshole started chasing us after a few of these. you'd think that suit would slow him way down, but he did a decent job of it. we made it away, but we realized that we'd got some of his vomit on us when we helped him up, so i guess he got the last laugh after all.