Thursday, March 24, 2005

the sweater blog
by iggy

so you might have guessed by now how yesterday's election went. there were some really great suggestions, but in the end, the two titles that tied for the lead were "the sweater blog" and "iggy goes down. on your mom."

here were the vote totals:

"the sweater blog" - 2
"iggy goes down. on your mom." - 2
"Fast food dogs archery ha ha friends mom gameplay bicycles teen slut." - 1
"gettin iggy with it" - 1
"Iggy's Page" - 1
"Lost in Yonkers" - 1
"Dont' Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" - 1
"Grapes of Wrath" - 1
"fucking machine" - 1
"le car, le blog" - 1
"iggy and the kludges" - 0
"igoraphobia" - 0

now, i know some of you are going to complain that i gave Ajax like six votes, one for each suggestion. you're right, it's not fair, but that's what he gets for being so creative. also erin got an extra vote the same way.

so it came down to a tie, and the obviously democratic thing to do is have a runoff election. but instead of all that bullshit, i am going to pick "the sweater blog" as the new name. this makes sense, because you all know i go down on your moms so i dont always need to be saying it.

so as far as the prize goes, the lucky winner should really be the blogger that inspired "the sweater blog", miss etienne aida. mail me your address and i'll send you that prize, miss.

spending two days blogging about blog-name-elections is really boring and i know it, but its really late and all i can handle now is a mini-blog-entry, so here it is:

randy's birthday is september 17. for his birthday last year me and leo went down to albertson's to get him a cake. there was this one that was all red-white-and-blue (for the canadian readers, those are the colors of our flag) and leo was really into it. leo is a patriotic guy.

i wanted to get the one with the dinosaurs crafted from icing, but leo insisted on the american flag cake. so the compromise we reached was that if he got to choose the cake, i'd get to choose everything else, like the wording and all.

i was kinda angry at leo cause of it, and i dont know if i just wanted to cause problems or what but it went something lke this:

me: hi, uh we'd like a message written on this cake.
cakeguy: ok, what do you want it to say?
me: well can you write obscene messages on cakes?
cakeguy: well, no. what did you want, maybe i can do it?
me: i wanted it to say "happy bukake birthday!"
cakeguy: what's a bukake?
me: uh....
cakeguy: is it obscene?
me: yes. very.
cakeguy: well then i'm not allowed to write it on the cake.
me: well if we write it on the cake, would that be fine?
cakeguy: uh, i guess so. that should be fine.

anyway, even with a pencil my writing is pretty bad. but with a cake-frosting-thing, it was terrible:

patriotic/obscene birthday cake for randy

when we took it to the checkout line, everyone that saw it did this long squinty-eyed thing where they would try to read it. i dont know if it was cause the writing was so bad or because they kept wondering what bukake was, but it was an uncomfortable checkout.