Wednesday, March 23, 2005

vote or die
by iggy

really when i started this blog, i thought people would ask be about its name, "the gecko chamber". like "wtf, igor? does that mean anything or is it just fake-witty like it rhymes with a wellknown phrase but doesn't have any deep meaning??"

i have yet to get any comments like that though, and as of now I'll declare them off limits. you all had your chance at asking about it. and now its gone. perhaps we can all move on from this ugly episode before theres a mutiny in the haloscan comments. I think in the comments on the last post someone was trying to plan an orgy, and that deviant shit aint cool here.

the only thing i'll say about the name is that its an anime reference. but forget all that cause i was thinking of changing the name anyway. anyway, i think "the gecko chamber" needs a new name.

anyway, inspired by an entry on a reader's blog. we're going to have a little choose your own adventure post today. you remember those, right? those books where something would happen and then you'd get to pick what the main character did, right? well choose your fucking adventure, people. what should this blog be called:

a.) "the sweater blog," inspired by this blogger here.
b.) "iggy goes down. on your mom."
c.) "iggy and the kludges."
d.) "igoraphobia"
e.) other

that's right, folks, we have an "other" option. so you can suggest whatever you want to go at the top of this thing. and also if they all suck "the gecko chamber" is going to stay.

also, if anyone suggests something good and it wins, i'll mail them something. not sure what yet.