Monday, April 18, 2005

10pm tuesday
by cleo

igor dont dress this place up much,
so i thought i might.
add a lady's touch and all... you know,
flowers and curtains and things
a guy would never think of,
only in words cause its a blog...


jenny has her license.
but her dad's in construction
(the kind where you sweat)
and her mom does acupuncture ...part time...
so she drives a shitty car, this old toyota camry,
the sort made when sharp angles were still hip.

we started this thing, driving this way,
that the kids all do now.
we drive around with the windows down
and the heater and the stereo up as far as they'll go.
the stereo's cause i hate small talk.
the heater's cause the radiator dont work right.

jenny's little brother is sammy
and sammy's always bored at home.
he thinks we drive off to do fun stuff,
but we're just bored all over town.
sometimes we bring sammy along,
just to change it up some.

sometimes we tell sammy
we'll leave him someplace bad unless
he drinks the water from the earthquake kit
and fills up the bottles with yellow ammo
cause sometimes those cheerleader bitches
need pee poured on their s.u.v.'s.

and sammy knows the radio stations.
so when we're stuck at red lights
next to the defensive line, he listens.
you should hear them freak-
my ipod has a radio adaptor
and "the barbie song".

then when it gets late and not fun,
i close my eyes and press fast forward.
i'm in a jet, twice as old, impossibly rich.
i've just left prague for bucharest.
but its boring even when I dream it.
at least the seats are leather, tho...