Thursday, April 14, 2005

the bull-trike
by iggy

i had the most amazing afternoon. my uncle george called me up and said "iggy, you dont get out enough. come with me to cold springs tavern on my trike."

the trike is an impressive machine. it has only three wheels and is really light, but it has this enormous 400 horsepower engine on it. i'd be more specific if i could, but i really dont know that much about cars. i do know that the thing is totally badass, though.

the trike is totally badass.

the trike has two seats. all you have to do on the back is strap in and yell. you dont have to lean or anything, so its fun. i did plenty of yelling this afternoon. probably too much though, cause george kept calling me "ms. corvetta".

I think this is a large engine. it looks large to me anyway.

so george picked me up about noon and we headed up to the mountains way north of Los Angeles. way up in the hills is this "tavern" that has stayed the same since like 100 years ago. thats where we had lunch and ran into a bunch of other biker people.

all my photos are from the way there, cause i fell asleep on the way back.

when we got there, there were like 100 biker folks. they seemed pretty normal and not like i had hoped they'd be. i was expecting far more leather and creative facial hair than i actually got.

one nice thing about riding on the trike is that you turn heads wherever you go. it felt like we were celebrities when we drove up because everyone was looking at us.

the trike gets a lot of attention.

we had our lunch and i got my usual lecture from my uncle george about how i am "pissing my life away" and how i should come to work for him. i told him that i was happy doing what i am doing, and no thanks, but he didnt want to hear that. he started yelling at me in the tavern about how i will "regret wasting my youth" and how i should stop "hanging out with losers and rejects".

he was paying for lunch, so i had to listen to his crap. but when it was all done i told him i wasn't going to change and that i had lied to him before and i had really voted for john kerry. we didn't talk much after that, but that was okay because i slept most of the way home.