Wednesday, April 20, 2005

fuck math
by cleo

So. I had a big test this morning at school. Some fucking math shit. I hate math. Like, when am I ever going to use it in the future? Never. that's the answer. NEVER! And I think that it's so dumb that i have to take math classes even if i don't want to. Anyway, I couldn't find my calculator last night but luckily, iggy was on AIM.

Cleopatra Robinson: iggy.
Cleopatra Robinson: you're smart, right?
Igor Corvetta: very
Cleopatra Robinson: can i borrow you're calculater?
Igor Corvetta: i don't know what that is.
Igor Corvetta: i know what a calculatOr is
Igor Corvetta: though
Cleopatra Robinson: fuck
Igor Corvetta: do you want to borrow that?
Cleopatra Robinson: why do you have to be like that?
Cleopatra Robinson: seriously, igor?
Cleopatra Robinson: of all people
Cleopatra Robinson: i would have thought that you
Cleopatra Robinson: wouldd support me in terms of school
Igor Corvetta: yeah
Igor Corvetta: okay
Igor Corvetta: hey, why don't you borow leo's?
Cleopatra Robinson: because he sucks
Igor Corvetta: ummmmm
Igor Corvetta: okay
Igor Corvetta: bike over and i'll give it to you
Cleopatra Robinson: k

I call iggy 'igor' when I'm pissed at him. Anyway, I bet when iggy said he'd 'give it to me' he was trying to imply, you know, something else - something that a perv would say. But I really needed a calculator. there's just no doing trig without one, you know?

So I biked over. It's not so much about what happened last night, but about what happened this morning...

My test was at 8am. It's already annoying that my school starts a whole hour earlier than all the other schools in the city - but they decide to make us write tests that early too? Fuck i hate school. Anyway, it was around 6:30am (i woke up really early for some last-minute studying) and I realized that when I dropped my purse when I biked home I must have dropped iggy's calculator. FUCK. What was I going to do??! The only thing that I could do. Bike around and go from store to store to try and find a replacement. Luckily, iggy gave me a shitty caculator because he thought that I would prolly mess it up or soemthing. which I did. ha ha. well, I went to 7 - yes 7 - different stores and nowhere did they have a fucking calculator. I'm hating on math big time at this point.

It was nearing 8am and still no calculator. I decided to say 'fuck it' and just try doing the test without one. I'll just sit beside this really dorky guy named Matt who has this super crush on me, I thought. So i did. And it was fine. And I'll prolly get an A at best and a B+ at worst. I'm not too worried.

Now all I have to do is tell iggy that I lost his stupid fucking calculator. I guess he'll read this when he wakes up though. heh heh. I don't care though. I know he has a crush on me just like matt does. man, why do all the nerds like me?? I want one of those tall dark handsome guys. Like Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell. But my age. Well, a bit older than me but not that old. I'm totally skipping second period right now to write for iggy's blog and to look at hot guys on the internet. It's sooooo good for stuff like this and for wasting time. Thank the nerds for that much, anyway.