Sunday, April 17, 2005

the great game
by cleo

I'm a lucky bitch? nononono igor...

"Cleo, just do what I say and we can win this thing."
"iggy, you little shit. I'm not gonna attack you, but I am not going to be your bitch either."
"Cleo, the Brians are going to eat you alive without my help."
"Look, lets have a secret pact. i'll fight you a bit in the Agean so no one knows, but we have a peace pact, okay?"

"Hey Brian."
"Hey Cleo, look I know you are new at this and all, but I need you to be cool in the south while I go after bryan."
"oh, i'll be cool in your south, brian..." <wink>
"But if I were you, I'd be more afraid of Randy in Germany."
"Cleo, you don't know what you're talking about."
"I know I'm new at this, but I also know randy is real good. He's played this thing a million times and I always hear him over here talking strategy with Leo."
"Yeah, like what sort of stuff?"
"All sorts of crazy advanced shit I dont understand. 'maginot', 'luftwaffe', 'guernica'... I don't know what it means, but he's way pro at this."
"Hmm... Let me talk to Bryan about this."
"Ok, but don't tell Bryan we are tight. Make with Bryan like you and he are going to eat me after Randy, okay?"

"Bryan, every time I talk to Brian, he's trying to get me to attack you."
"Yeah, and he's been making fun of the way you spell your name. He keeps calling you 'y'- things like 'y-wipe' and 'y-b-straight'."
"Hey lets work together against him, I'll take the Black Sea..."

"CLEO!! You weren't supposed to take NAPLES!! The fighting was just for show, REMEMBER!!"
"iggy. We have to make this convincing, or else the Brians will realize we're teamed up against them."
"You're cute when you are all pissed like this."

"Bryan, I think its time we go after iggy."
"Yeah, but his stuff near Venice will make that hard."
"Hmm... let me see what I can do about moving those. But the deal is I get the southern capitols, ok?"

iggy says "HAHA! that's what you get for betraying me, Bryan. Oh, and Cleo? Which is sexier, 'you turned my floppy drive into a hard drive' or 'I'm penetration testing your dirty bits' "

"Well we're still on to see 'sin city' on sunday, right Cleo? Lemme get your number."
"Ya, ya, for sure, Bryan. But how about I call you instead?"