Friday, April 08, 2005

kareoke at the old town tavern
by iggy

just now i went and recorded a video blog for you all to see. it was me teaching you how to make yogurt and granola which is my favorite midnight snack. but my shitty camera can only record video for 30 seconds so it cut me off halfway through my monologue at the beginning. so, no videos for you today.

but i did go do kareoke tonight and didnt fuck that up. i went down to the old town tavern with cleo cause she's a karaoke nut and they do this every thursday night. cleo is fifteen (and looks that young) but she has this fake ID that says she's 18, which is enough to get her in the door (but no drinks). who the fuck buys a fake id that says 18? i dunno. cleo, apparently. she says she's tried passing for 21 before and it never works.

so we get in there and do our usual coke/rum-and-coke scam to get her alcohol. up on stage are these three guys that keep rotating through jimmy buffet tunes. one would sing and the other two would air-guitar. well it wasnt quite air-guitar because they had these fake guitars they were holding. but you get the idea.

wasting away in margaritaville

cleo gets her request in to the dj guy real soon, so she gets to go up before i do. her first song is "like a virgin" and she stares at the dj the whole time she sings it, and all sexy too.

when she gets back down from the stage, she says "that should help us get our songs" and fills out request forms for "i touch myself", "killing me softly" and "its raining men". i filled out just one with "anything by whitesnake" (i know them all) and we went up front to turn them in. cleo gets a wink from the dj guy.

anyway, it took forever for me to get called. i think cleo got in three songs before i did my first, and when i did get called up the song was "slow an' easy", which totally sucks. for most of the evening it was just cleo and the jimmy buffett trio. oh and this one guy who did "LA Woman" three times.