Thursday, April 28, 2005

the long desert drive
by iggy

ok, i got good news and bad news. the bad news is you wont be hearing from me for a few days.

yesterday i get this call from leo.

him: "guess what?!"
me: "what?"
him: "my uncle died!!"
me: "oh, leo, man that's terrible, was it..."
him: "...he left me his car!"

leo's got a car, but it sucks. it's been making these strange sounds for months and at first he would always be pulling over and trying to find where the sound was coming from. he gave up though and now has been just driving the thing into the ground.

turns out, though, that both the dead uncle and the car are in santa fe and randy wants me to go out there with him cause he'll have two cars and needs someone to drive back in the other one. he says he'll cover motel and food, so i tell him yes.

then last night elliot was in the neighborhood and stopped by my place. i told him about what we were going to do and he freaked out "iggy, this new girl i'm seeing LOVES that indian jewelry stuff, that turquoise and tin shit. i gotta come with you and buy her some of that stuff. she'd lose it if i went all the way to santa fe to get her it."

so i tried to explain to elliot that leo sometimes gets annoyed by his political speeches and that it was leo's car and all (we're taking his parents honda), so elliot promised to cut it down ("i wont say anything that could be called a manifesto if i wrote it down"). i called leo and he didn't want elliot coming, but elliot told us "guys, she would really go nuts. seriously. i mean, she'll probably let me put it in her butt after this. no joke."

leo and i had to respect this, so we said he could come as long as he shut the fuck up. also, when i was on that call leo told me that cleo had weaseled her way into this thing by crying a lot and claiming that she wanted to leave flowers at uncle sal's grave.

so now i am writing this entry from leo's house as we are packing up the car to leave for our road trip in the morning. we've got a big pile of shit in the garage of stuff thats coming with us. in the pile so far are my box of snickers bars (48 count, woot!), elliot's packages and packages of "stonewall jackson's veggie jerquee", cleo's cigarettes, my copies of the last six issues of wired magazine, everybodys ipods, cleo's tampons, leo's red bull and a big bin of red vines that leo's dad donated and no one seems to want.

maybe we'll drop it off at randy's place before we go.

but anyway, we leave in the morning and should be back in five or six days. if there's a mutiny in the comments section while i am away and it devolves into shouting and namecalling, there's going to be hell to pay when i get back.