Tuesday, April 05, 2005

los angeles, i'm lost
by iggy

i'm not all dramatic and all so i'll tell you this up front: we lost helen. but that counselor-lady that they had at the hospital told me that "denial" was the first thing to do, and it just feels right, so i think i'll do that for a few days and talk about other things instead. like about how my dad can't drive in los angeles.

we got into lax in the afternoon, around 4:00. it took us forever to get out of there, though, cause dad lost his fanny pack on the plane. for like 20 minutes after all the other people left the plane he was looking under all the seats. he was bitching about the stewardesses stealing it (and his iRiver), but then one of them found it in the lavatory. it had slid under the sink or something. mom thought it was really funny, something about "price of joining the mile high club" or something.

so once we got off the damn thing and made it down to baggage claim, and it was just our stuff going around the baggage thing. we picked it all up and went out to flag down the guy from "wally park", the place we parked the car. when we got on, the driver was going on and on with the guy in the front seat about women: "she saw me with my brother so she sent me a notice, a letter, saying she would like to meet me, so I said 'okay, no one has ever done this to me before' so i went and met her. that was twelve years ago and now we have three kids".

so once we got the car and got on the freeway (405), everything just stopped. we had driven faster through the wally park parking structure than we were going on the 405 freeway. my dad was all for just sitting it out and waiting, but my mom was going to have none of that, "lets get off... the side streets cant be slower than this".

it turns out the streets were fast, but didn't take us home. we got very lost and drove for four hours before we made it back to the freeway. but by that point there wasn't any traffic at least, so the idea sortof worked out.

i spent the four hours taking photos.