Thursday, April 07, 2005

poetry and strip scrabble
by iggy

tonight i got a call from cleo. she was home alone and bored.

her: hey, i'm bored. come over.
me: uh, i dont really...
her: come on. i have scrabble here. and dad's beer.
me: uuh...
her: oh and leo's gone and you can look through his journal if you come over.
me: ok. be there in 20 minutes.

cleo's place is not that far, so i rode my bike over there cause my car still is broken. i've been unemplyed ever since i got in a fist fight with one of the software developers at my old bugtesting job and i dont have any money to fix my crx. it really sucks because randy and me cant finish the big action sequence in this movie we are filming called "space race 2157". i still have the pyrotechnics taped to my car right where they were when the accident happened. there's been some rain though, so we may need to buy some new model rocket engines for the thrusters.

but anyway, i rode my bike over to cleo's place. she let me in and we talked for a bit before starting to play:

me: lemme see leo's journal. the blog readers need more of his amazing poetry.
her: later, iggy. here's the deal. we play a few games of scrabble and then you can see leo's journal.

that sounded fair, so i said okay. then cleo tells me we are playing "strip scrabble", where each game you win, your opponent removes some clothes. i figure this is a great deal, cause cleo is hot as hell and i have like ten years of age and wisdom on her.

it didn't quite work out that way, though.

me: there's no way in hell "cwm" is a word
her: is that a challenge?
me: it's just not a word! remove it!
her: are you challenging?
me: yes.
her: ok, look it up.
me: fuck.

her: no, really iggy. "zillion" isnt a word or a number or anything.
me: what? of course it is. its bigger than a trillion.
her: ok, challenge.
me: what? you're nuts. i'll look it up.
me: fuuuck.

so, about two hours into this thing, cleo is out of her sweater and i am wearing only my undies and one sock. then we hear her parents drive up and the garage door open.

i left through the back. i didn't get to see leo's journal. see how much i sacrifice to bring you all poetry?