Tuesday, April 19, 2005

support your local musician cause he cant support himself
by iggy

ok, my blog has looked like the lifetime channel far too much lately. thanks cleo.

so i got this call from elliot tonight. he was frantic. apparently after the success of his last meetup experience, elliot went all nuts on the meeup.com website and started all these groups ("post-humanist thinkers", "anarchafeminism", "the peoples transit club"). but the group that was meeting last night that he really needed help with was "minstrelsy".

elliot hates the riaa. that is, the "recording industry artists of america". they are the ones that killed napster and aimster (and all the other -sters) and are the ones that charge twenty dollars for a cd that costs pennies to make. elliot says its not enough to kill the riaa, cause another thing will just come and replace them. elliot says that what really fucked music was recording it in the first place and wasn't it nice when it was just people with flutes and singing? elliot wants to bring back the barbershop quartet and the traveling minstrel.

so he started his "minstrelsy" meetup, cause he wanted to meet other people who thought live music was the only right way to do music. i think he kinda saw this meetup as the beginnings of a local music group that would walk around town and play such magical music that people would turn off their stereos and burn their cds.

"the french have two words for free and we have only one. wtf??"

he told me that he hadnt got nearly the interest that he had expected. he said nine out of ten emails he got about the group were from angry black people confused about the group's name. there was one guy "eddie" who was definitely in the group and was going to come to the meetup, but it turns out last night was also the "fantastic falconry" meetup and eddie chose falconry over minstrelsy (elliot: "falconry?? what the fuck is this, the middle ages?").

unfortunately, though, elliot had planned a really big start to the minstrelsy group and got a permit to march around at dusk playing their instruments. "I paid 25 fucking dollars to these fascist bureaucrats for a permit and i'm gonna use it!". so when eddie couldn't make it, elliot called me.

elliot: "look, iggy. i've heard you do kareoke before and i've seen you try to dance. i know you have no rhythm and no melody. but i still need you out here with me in my minstrel march."
me: "elliot, i can't play any instruments."
elliot: "tonight you'll play the tamborine. iggy, i need you."

i said yes. i dont know why. maybe i felt i owed him.

not all the all the neighbors were supporting their local musician.

we got started a lot later than we were supposed to. the permit was for 6:00, but we didn't really get out there until sometime in the eights and not the early ones. it took us awhile because we had to be drunker than we originally thought in order to march around the neighborhood with a concertina ("it's not an accordion!") and a tamborine. and elliot wouldn't leave the house until he had learned all of that song "imagine".

we marched. we got harassed some, but not that much. no one burned any cds, other than elliot. but i think next time i'm going to falconry instead.