Friday, May 06, 2005

magical stairways and green salsa enchiladas
by iggy

sunday was mostly wandering in santa fe. leo's family people were out so we were killing time, trying to find something to look at that isnt an adobe building with a shitload of right angles. breakfast was some of the best mexican i've had (and i live in los angeles), green salsa enchiladas with elliot.

elliot, right before he ate green salsa enchiladas.

its not like we ditched the robinsons, they were gone when i got up. elliot said that when he woke up (we were all in this double-adjoining motel room thing) leo was leaving early cause cleo disappeared in the night and he was going to try and find her. no one was worried. maybe if it was someone else we would worry but cleos the type that would show up two days later like nothing was wrong with some cryptic new "i left my heart in cochiti reservation" tattoo and no explanation.

anyway, we met up with the robinsons after breakfast cause leo called and said hed found her and how about we all meet at the church with the magical stairway because his relatives dont want him to come by just yet? elliot and i head over there and i think i actually saw a bulge in elliots pants when he saw the display of "turquoise and tin" for sale in front of the church.

a sexual response from jewelry? in a man? it made sense this time.

"iggy, which of these look the most expensive?"
"none of them, theyre all under ten dollars."
"right. but if you didn't know that, which one looks like i spent a whole lot on her?"
"uh... maybe this one with the lightning bolt. its definitely the coolest on here, anyway."

leo wasnt saying where he had found cleo. it was clear he didnt want to talk about it. his mood was bad and dropping.

when we went inside to see the magical stairway, it wasnt that magical.

leo is clearly unimpressed.

and really i was unimpressed too. when i think of "magical" i think of things that float or disappear or something, not staircases that are cool shapes and made from wood that comes from really far away. i cant even tell you why these people thought the stairs were magic, it was so lame my mind immediately deleted it. it had something to do with foreign wood and a homeless carpenter though. i remember that much.

leo wasnt telling

afterwards we were back at the motel and cleo was out at the jacuzzi.

me: "so its good that you found cleo."
leo: "yeah."
me: "cause we could be waiting around for a long time for her otherwise, like that time at the mall when she was in 'hot topic' and that guy with the leather pants..."
leo: "yeah, yeah. that sucked. good thing."
me: "yeah..."

i was fishing for information, but leo wasnt telling me anything.