Thursday, May 12, 2005

science friction and the dreadnaught
by iggy

i've been neglecting the blog and i'm sorry. the last few days have been crazy. theres this writing class that i am retaking (its mandatory and the asshole prof failed me cause "sometimes effort isnt enough") there was this project due today and i couldn't blog cause of it. the project wasn't that bad, though. he has us writing short stories and i think mine turned out really well. its a new genre i call science-friction and maybe i'll put some of it up here cause i know you people love space-lasers and sex.

but before any of that, i should tell you how i made it back to california. the photo of that sexy hunk of american machinery that i left you with last week was leo's new ride, which he named "the dreadnaught".

sal was not a clean man.

leos uncle wasnt a clean man and we spent a looong time going through the thing and removing crumpled receipts, half-eaten mcdonalds meals, and magazines magazines magazines. all sorts of magazines, in fact. i actually kept a few and am now the proud owner of the hustler september 11th issue.

so after we cleaned out the car and left behind leo's wierdo "lets-get-the-un-out-of-the-us" relatives, we hit the road. me and cleo drove backin the civic and leo and elliot drove back in "the dreadnaught". elliot and leo in the same car was a bad idea, but leo and cleo weren't talking so it was the only thing that made sense.

these men like to watch road-head. i think this was in arizona.

we ran into this long line of bikers in arizona. i dunno where they were going. cleo thought it would be funny if she pretended to give me head while we drove next to them. we did it and each one of them watched the whole time. i cant say im surprised. i got four thumbs-up signs and one guy started following us when we pulled away which was creepy.

"this is where all the wind comes from" har har bad jokes from cleo

when we were in california i got a call from leo. he and elliot had been arguing for a long time about windmills. elliot was talking about how wind energy was the only true clean energy source and oil is bad and leo was getting angry. i dont know why the fuck they called me cause i dont know shit about any of that. they were stopped on the side of the road and we had to go and pick up elliot cause leo said he couldn't handle it anymore.

oh and someone asked about what happened with elliot's girlfriend. turns out the bitch dumped him when he got back. he said he took back the turquoise lightning bolt but he wanted to be able to use it in the future so he's been trying to pick up women at the yoga place.