Thursday, June 30, 2005

my stalker is fat
by cleo

This shitty blog is going to die if I don't breathe some life into it. The last time I saw Iggy his butt was parked in front of his mac monitor and he turned around real quick to cover up whatever was on the screen so I'm pretty sure it was either porn or that Warquest game. I hope to god it was porn. Anyways, he kicked me out pretty fast, which is especially weird cuz everyone knows he wants to hook my jailbait (or however that phrase goes). So basically he either landed a job as a professional masturbator or is still playing Evercraft or whatever the fuck it's called.

I've been busy on the internet too. One of my "benefactors" that I stopped messaging cuz he wasn't making good on the bank found my old livejournal and started leaving comments on the hour, every hour, asking where I was and saying he had a train ticket for this Friday and would I please message him, he knew it was me, CleoCandy2009 from Yahoo and he loved me. Of course I wasn't gonna do shit, but it's still annoying to get the message ding and know that it's just another livejournal comment from that broke dipshit. I should never have used that webcam shot as my user pic.

So I deleted that livejournal and made a new one so my friends didn't get catty about being de-friended (honestly) and went about my week. Then last Friday I'm cruising by the depot with the girls and I look out and there he is! Of course he's fatter and un-Photoshopped in real life but I recognize him alright. He's looking around like a fucking cat looks when it smells catnip and even though we're rolling by at a clippy 40 mph somehow he spots me in the passenger seat and screams "CLEO CANDY!!!" and starts running at us. I'm all "Allie GO GO GO" and she guns it and this tubby fuck just keeps running smaller and smaller into the rear view mirror. Objects in mirror may be stupider than they appear.

Shit, I can't finish the story right now cuz Vincent is back online and if all goes well tonight I may be the proud owner of a new Tmobile Sidekick. :) It gets real weird though.