Monday, August 22, 2005

bicycles and radish graffiti
by iggy

friday me and elliot went to his bike club thing. if you start talking to elliot about public transportation he's really into it. but if you talk to him about biking or walking or whatever without any gas or electricity or anything, he pretty much gets a conversation boner on the spot. he calls it "human centric transport" or some shit. his club is all about raising bike awareness, as if there are people that haven't heard of bikes.

so i went with him last week. we ended up down near echo park with like 500 people on bikes. there were plenty of normal people there, but we hung out with elliot's bike buddies instead.

yes, that man is wearing horns.

elliot knows most of the local moonbats, but this week there was some new girl there, julie. now, julie is hot i'll admit it. but she's nuts.

julie told us about how she was way into radishes. actually, she's way into "radish piracy". this means she rides around LA and plants radishes all over the place: suburban yards, corporate lawns... wherever anyone's watering. then she comes back later and eats them.

it gets better. julie likes to spread the word about the radishes to los angeles by spray painting radishes on walls. she even brought her stencil and paint to the bike thing, just so she could get in some tags while we all rode.

julie's radish graffiti.

elliot says: "dude i was talking to her and i was like how did this start why do you do this radish thing? and she was all 'i dunno... i really just hate the suburbs...' and she went on but that was all i needed to hear and i think i am in love"