Thursday, August 18, 2005

domino effect
by iggy

good god have any of you actually played dominos? like really played it? i was taught some shit about connecting numbers but its actually much more complicated than that. i mean you always see rappers playing dominos and drinking malt liquor but i think those videos are staged cause dominos is basically a math competition.

this weekend me and elliot and the robinsons were playing dominoes at my house. they came over cause my dad had hacked the payperview channels and we were gonna all watch back-to-back pirate cable. leo was pushing for wrestling and elliot wanted this weird hai-lai sports shit from brazil, but i figured we were gonna end up down in the basement watching porn like the last time. but whatever, we didnt even end up watching anything cause the fucking power went out.

so we didnt have anything to do when that happened so someone suggested dominos in the backyard where there was light (and i can always use more sun cause rickets is serious shit). so anyway we bust out the set and the only one that knows the real rules is cleo. turns out everytime anyone puts one down, you add up all the outside numbers and if it divides by five you get that many points. and then there is some shit about spinners and rounding but i never got all that cause my mom kept bringing out these long island ice teas.

i was doing okay on the math at first but by tea #2, everything seemed divisible by five. i won the first game and elliot won the second, but once we started putting money on it, fucking cleo started getting better and better. that bitch has an alcohol tolerance like the girl from raiders of the lost arc. she should take a fucking clue and go fight nazis instead of hustling dominos in the suburbs.