Monday, October 24, 2005

gay eye emm
by iggy

iggy: have you seen many films with those chars?
iggy: i have not
cleo: maybe it is just easier to see those kinds of characters in this society
iggy: yes but why
iggy: it is more accepting of them? i don't know
iggy: what is different than 20 yras ago?
iggy: womens lib?
iggy: god that sounds 60's
cleo: pffft
iggy: hahahahah
cleo: but i mean there are more avenues for that kind of expression these days
iggy: hmmm
cleo: especially with the internet
iggy: well obv
iggy: but
iggy: i think that the fact that women can do everything
iggy: from conception to graduation
iggy: means a lot
iggy: they can be wahtever they want to be
iggy: and fuck me
iggy: men
iggy: who cares what they thing
cleo: hahahahhahahahah
iggy: think
iggy: cause they can make kids
iggy: strue
cleo: best freudian misspell ever