Tuesday, October 04, 2005

surfing safari
by iggy

so on saturday elliot called me and said he wanted to teach me how to surf (like actually surf, not internet surf you howlees). i told him that i had played kelly slaters game a lot so it should be easy and he said he wasnt sure, but didnt i know that girls love surfers? fucking yes i had noticed.

so me and him and mark go out to this beach he knows about. elliot just got this case for his digital camera that makes it waterproof so he can take pictures in the water and he brought it with us.

mark surfs.

we went out in the water and they said that i should start by taking pictures and that way i could better see how its done so when they taught me i'd know more. so i took some photos of elliot and mark.

elliot surfs.

i took lots of photos of those guys and eventually was like "what the f? when will i surf" but it turned out that they ran out of surf wax and i never got to surf. they said they'll teach me some other time.

also, when this horse came by, i tried to start a new phrase by calling the horse "hung like an iggy". the guys didn't really take to it like i had hoped, so maybe you guys can start using it? its basically the phrase formerly known as "hung like a horse".

hung like an iggy.

at the end of the evening, we all went out to kareoke and it was fun until the guy running the show starting bitching at me. i had done a few duets and the guy didnt know that the other singers WANTED ME THERE. he threatened to kick me out. i mean, who sings "under pressure" alone?? and yeah, i agree that the same song twice in a row makes no sense, UNLESS its "la woman".

mark covering eminem